Know Your Worth

Don’t feel bad if someone tries to pull you down. Don’t curse yourself if someone fails to recognise your worth. Don’t get dejected if you get rejected, for your worth will surely be recognised at the right place and at the right time. It’s upon you, however, to figure out what that right place is!

– The Indian Trumpeter

A widower walked up to his son one fine day,
Gave the son a watch, said, ‘find out how much it’ll pay.’
The boy went, ‘I’ll figure that out soon, then surely say.’
Stated the dad, ‘Just let me know on the thirtieth of May.’

The next day the son headed to a shop nearby,
Told the owner, ‘I’d like to sell this, would you wanna buy?’
The owner smirked, ‘For this watch I could give a mop.’
The son decided to head back being caught on the hop.

Next week the obedient son went to a fashionable store.
Asked a guy there, ‘This watch will you want to store?’
The man said cachinnating, ‘Yes if you gave me ten bucks.’
‘The boy not content, said, ‘This costing verily sucks!’

On May 29, the son ventured into a museum bright,
Told a keeper, ‘Cost this watch, say what pricing would be right.’
The keeper examined, was shocked with what he could sight.
‘A hundred million dollars for this, it’s old and nice and light.’

The son sprinted into his dad’s room on the thirtieth of May,
Said to him, ‘Determined the cost, dad, and I’m happy and gay.’
‘The father nodded but strangely snatched the watch right away.
‘Your worth,’ said he, ‘is ascertained in a place with no foul play!’

© 2020 All rights reserved.

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