The ‘Doctored’ Encounter

The sky was star-studded,
and she gazed at it spellbound.
Moon was shining brightly,
looked like a ball that’s round
Then, she heard a strange sound.

The whitened moon turned red,
the sound got more intense.
She wanted to hit the hay.
But naturally grew worried and tense.
Nothing was making sense.

She closed her eyes, and surrendered.
Sleep over her gained power.
When she opened her eyes in the morning,
she realised she had come too far.
She was sitting in a breezy bar.

The bar was not on Earth, for that night
she had traversed several universes.
Not a soul was visible to her eye, but
something was heard in verses.
The voice was a nurse’s.

The seemingly invisible nurse breathed
a sigh of relief, then went,
‘On cursing doctors for their own fates,
why are people on Earth hell-bent?
A doctor you are, hope you know what I meant.’

© 2020 All rights reserved.

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