July Is Here

The rain is spattering, and I hear it
as I write.
July is right here, but from the virus
there isn’t any respite.
When will it be all right?

This January in India, we heard
of the disease.
Thought we won’t be affected, so
we were at ease.
Now, we ask, will this suffering ever cease?

I have been praying to gods, and
chanting mantras galore,
Considering what transpired, have to bring
this to the fore.
You have to get to the inner core.

If we are here, awake, sound,
and luckily safe.
‘Who is to be applauded?’ ask I.
All is God’s grace.
And this life is not a freaking race!

You may complain, lament, and cry
until you feel better.
But just so you know, I’m always here,
Mind writing a letter?
July is here, time you became a go-getter!

© 2020 All rights reserved.


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