The Helpful Harbinger

On the morning of a day windy and dry,
A lad wandered about in the hills.
Saw a strange creature, heard a weird cry,
Got what we know as chills.
He definitely needed some pills!

The creature was a lion resembling a tiger,
and the cry was that of a cub.
He grew anxious, took out his classy lighter,
And on it placed his forehead as if to rub.
From the lighter emerged a tub!

The tub was made not of plastic but fire,
so it could spread wild and free.
The trees burnt, the place became a pyre,
the guy stood unharmed with a key,
only had he lost the capacity to see!

The lion and the cub were nowhere to be seen,
and the guy, now blinded, sat himself down.
The raging fire consumed him, and then turned lean.
He found himself with the dead lion in town.
When he had woken up, all he did was frown!

He went about detailing this dream to his chums,
and they all had a hearty laugh.
A harbinger knew this dream could harm Sam’s bums,
So he approached Sam with a scarf.
Before meeting him, turned into a dwarf.

Knock knock, and the door was opened.
Sam looked at the dwarf with glee.
‘How may I help you?’ he scoffed.
The dwarf was soon to flee.
But after appropriating a key!

With the key now appropriated, Sam couldn’t drive.
His hackles, thus, got raised.
The dwarf who held the key returned it on June five.
Assumed his normal form, unfazed.
And when Sam opened the car, it was burnt and hazed!
Wasn’t the harbinger worthy of praise?

Composed by The Indian Trumpeter

© 2020 All rights reserved.

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